Before it will issue an insurance license (TPA, agency, adjuster), many state insurance departments require verification that a company has first registered with the secretary of state's office as an out-of-state company authorized to do business in the state.  This applies to corporations, LLC's and partnerships, and other types of business entities.  And unless the company has an office or physical address in the state, the company is required to retain a "registered agent" to receive service of process and other governmental and legal documents on behalf of the company.

The corporate registration and registered agent process can be time consuming, and if not completed efficiently can cause delays in the insurance licensing process itself. 

Patton Compliance has the resources to obtain corporate registrations quickly and efficiently. We have also arranged volume pricing with registered agent providers, due to the high number of services we retain for our clients, and as a result can secure registered agent services for your company at very competitive pricing.  

Talk to us about how we can help you quickly obtain new registrations, secure compliant and cost effective registered agent services, and efficiently manage ongoing annual reporting requirements.  

"I am completely impressed with the quality of your services, the timely delivery of the work-product, and your quick response to questions."

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