After valuable TPA licenses have been obtained, timely filing of TPA license annual reports, renewals, and other required items is essential in order to keep TPA licenses in good standing.  Many states levy fines for late filings, so timeliness is critical.  Patton Compliance handles TPA license renewal management for dozens of companies, and we have a proven track record of keeping our clients' TPA licenses in compliance.  Our TPA license renewal management services include: 

  • Establish an initial client database of secured licenses and registrations
  • Provide client with notice of upcoming license renewals
  • Prepare detailed state-specific checklists for each required filing
  • Prepare state forms
  • Prepare fee checks for submissions and maintain client fee accounts
  • Submit filings to states
  • Scan and maintain copies of client filings
  • Track client filings and follow-up with states
  • Respond to inquiries from states on submitted filings
  • Answer client questions regarding state filings
  • Ensure compliance with state TPA filing requirements